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Hollywood not enough racist, homophobic and sexist for Americans?

The Martha Communications Group released last week the results of a national telephone survey they conducted last October on behalf of the ADL titled “American Attitudes on Religion, Moral Values and Hollywood”.

With a +/-3.09% margin of error, I find those results quite scary:

Almost 60% of the polled agreed that “the people who run the TV networks and the major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans.”
48% think there is an “organized campaign by Hollywood and the national media to weaken the influence of religious values in this country.”
49% agree with the statement that “the U.S. is becoming too tolerant in its acceptance of different ideas and lifestyles.”
38% of the people who answered the poll agreed that books containing “dangerous ideas” should be banned from libraries.
The same number of people disagree that “censoring books is an old-fashioned idea.”

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  1. Wow. Well…I must be in the minority when I think nothing is wrong with Hollywood except greed and that banning books is stupid.
    Freedom of Speech! Woo!

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