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TV Calling

Directing TV Comedy ft. Alethea Jones (Queen America/Wrecked) (PT118)

Alex and Nick invite Alethea Jones, director on Queen America, Wrecked and Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street, to discuss what goes behind directing TV comedies and half-hour shows.

What is the role of a director in television? How can writers better convey action for directors? How does a director work with a TV writer on set? What are differences between directing children’s television and comedies? How do directors handle crossboarding? What are the responsibilities of being a producing director?

The Paper Team takes the shot…

PT118 Alethea Jones



Directing for TV comedies and dramas with Alethea Jones (00:43)
Final Advice, Resources and Next Week On (44:27)


Alethea Jones on Twitter
Queen America on Facebook
Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street
Strictly Ballroom
Gretchen Enders
Charles Randolph
Babylon Berlin


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Write on.

TV Formula 101: Building an Engine For Your Show (PT117)

Alex and Nick discuss why TV formulas still matter and how to build a successful TV engine for your pilot and show.

What is a TV engine? Why is a “formula” a necessary ingredient for a sustainable TV series? What are some ways serialized and character-based series use formulas to their advantage? How do you generate a sustainable and compelling engine for your show? How do you express that formula in a script?

Plus, we launch our Patreon page and are hosting a mixer to celebrate!

The Paper Team regenerates…



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Announcements: Patreon launch and Mixer details (00:26)
1 – Why formulas are still important in TV (03:39)
2 – How to generate a TV engine (09:09)
3 – Common questions and problems (22:44)
Takeaways and Next Week On (26:34)


TV Pilot 101 (PT30)
TV Pilot 201: Keeping the Reader Interested (PT84)
Day Break
Act Breaks (PT15)
Weaving Storylines: A/B/C Stories (PT53)

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