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All About Specs

Not sure what to spec next, what to do with your TV spec script, or looking for TV writing advice? All TV writers welcome!

What should I spec?

Drama Spec Script – What is hot and what is not
Comedy Spec Script – What is hot and what is not
Spec Script: Is Fresher Better?
Ten Spec Writing Rules (and why you should care)
To spec or not to spec?

What to do once I have a spec?

TV Writing Fellowships: The Big Six
How to get an agent
How to land that first job in television
How to land a writing gig on a TV show

Must-read “TV Writing” articles

Script Coverage: A Brief Reference Guide
Script Registration 101
Why TV is where you must be
What the World Cup can teach you about television writing
Focus on Writing for Genre Television
Show, Don’t Tell: Mamet’s Rules

Screenwriting Lessons From” series

Screenwriting Lessons from Coupling
Screenwriting Lessons from Farscape
Screenwriting Lessons from Friends
Screenwriting Lessons from Parks and Recreation
Screenwriting Lessons from Six Feet Under (Part One)
Screenwriting Lessons from Six Feet Under (Part Two)

Must-read “TV Analysis” articles

Nine Ideas To Save Television – Part One & Part Two
Ding Dong, Appointment TV is Dead
Why mythological shows are often idolized
How Lost revolutionized storytelling
Bending Without Breaking (Bad): Experiment in TV Telling
Is Netflix’s original programming strategy a game-changer?