It’s been eight months since Paper Team was launched.

37 episodes later, we’ve crossed 20,000 downloads.

Yes, really.


How amazing is that?

Well, it’s all thanks to you dear listeners (and TV Calling aficionados).

So THANK YOU for all the love!

Last Sunday I was at WonderCon for our very own panel and it was a huge success. Tune in this Monday for the recording!

In the meantime, if you have questions/topics you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected].
(For more immediate input, I’m also on the Twitterverse @TVCalling)

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Much like every year, I’m going this week-end to WonderCon (the 2017 edition is back in the ol’ Anaheim center — I guess it didn’t agree with Los Angeles).

This time though, WonderCon is personal. (Or professional?)

If you follow Paper Team, then you already know Nick and I will be hosting our very own panel (and first “Paper Team Live”) at WonderCon 2017.

In fact, we’re closing out the con; as in: we’re literally the last panel of the entire convention.
Ain’t that a treat.

So, what will this historic panel be about? Here’s the title and official description:

Writer Versus Fandom: TV Writers’ Rooms and Fan Interaction
The dialogue between TV writers and their fans is a vital tool for many television shows—but one that can prove fickle. From producers, to staff writers and assistants, Alex Freedman and Nick Watson (Paper Team) invite people who work on some of your favorite TV shows to share their thoughts on this unique relationship.

The panel will be held Sunday, April 2 at 4:00PM in Room 209.
Add it to your own WonderCon Sched!

If you’re attending WonderCon this week-end, feel free to drop in.
You should even come say hi if you bump into me before or after.

I’ll be chronicling my adventures like last year on @TVCalling so you can stalk me there too.

Write on.

Five months ago (almost to the day), Nick Watson and I launched a weekly TV writing podcast about the craft and the industry. Classic stuff.
We called it Paper Team.

Well, after 25 episodes (the 26th is coming this Monday) and a brand new year, we just crossed 10,000 downloads.

You read that right.


Paper Team 10000 Downloads

Clearly this is proof of one thing: y’all are some awesome people.

I know a large part of it comes down to you great regular TV Calling readers (and listeners) so THANK YOU.


It’s been a lot of hours of work to put out each episode on a regular schedule, so we really appreciate the love.

As will be mentioned in Monday’s upcoming episode (our first one of 2017), we have some good things planned for the upcoming year. (Maybe even a stint at one of the big cons but shh it’s still a secret.)

Hard to believe it’s only been (barely) half a year since we launched.
I’m going to pat us on the back and say our New Year resolution is to keep getting bigger, brighter, and better.

But really this is all for you.

So if you have any questions or topics you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected].

If you use iTunes, we also always appreciate reviews, which you can leave at

And of course you can subscribe to Paper Team on all major podcast platforms

Yes, indeed!
Today is TV Calling’s eighth birthday!
We’re basically as old as Obama’s first presidential election.

Think about all the amazing things we’ve accomplished over that time:
We predicted the rise of Netflix and OTTs (kinda). We explored television writing in all its forms (sorta). We revolutionized the TV spec industry (definitely not).

Bottom line is, we’re still going (and growing) strong, deep into our first decade.

Once more, let me reiterate a heartfelt thank you!
Thank you for your readership. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your faithfulness.

TV Calling currently hovers between 10,000-15,000 unique visitors a month.
This past May, we shattered our record with 18,000 visitors and an average of 580 people per day!

That’s thanks to you for being awesome and sharing the wealth.

Since last year (when we celebrated seven years of posts over seven days), a few cool events have happened:
The fourth design of TV Calling launched in July.
– I was one of the four writers selected in the inaugural JHRTS Pilot Script Competition in August.
– In October, I got one of Tracking-Board’s Launchpad Mentorship three spots, plus separately traveled to the NY TV Festival as an Official Artist.
– TV Calling switched to site-wide SSL security in March.
– I finally became an American citizen in April. (Triple-citizen-threat!)
– And of course, we had our annual (as-of-now-2016) Spec Script Lists for Dramas and Comedies.

There’s also the matter of us surpassing Six Hundred (!) posts a couple months back.
With this little gem, we’re now up to 624 and counting.

Last but certainly not least, I highly encourage you to get our new, free PDF guide: the amazingly useful Spec Test. You’ll be getting several key questions (and explanations) to make sure the show you picked for your TV spec is the right one for you.

In future news, I’ve been working on two super-secret projects that should come to light within the next couple of months. (Hence the recently limited online presence.)

Don’t worry. I’ll soon be back to full force.

In the meantime, here’s to another great year (and more) of sweet TV Calling content for all!

Stay tuned for the TV writing bonanza.

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