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TV Writing Competitions (PT33)

Alex and Nick discuss television writing competitions, their personal experiences with them, and whether or not they’re worth participating in.

Which TV writing competitions are out there? What should you consider before paying and submitting your script? What do you actually get out of them? What if you win and nothing happens?

The Paper Team submits their entry fee…



1 – What are screenwriting competitions? (00:32)
2 – Why you should enter TV writing competitions (01:56)
3 – Competitions that are out there and our own experiences (09:44)
4 – What you should consider before entering a competition (22:50)
5 – What if I win and nothing happens? What if my win is old news? (27:41)
Takeaways and Next Week On (31:42)


Academy Nicholl Fellowships
Tracking Board’s Launch Pad
“Answers to the questions I’ve been asked” – Mickey Fisher
Austin Film Festival Competition
JHRTS Pilot Competition
How to Meet People in LA (When You Don’t Know Anyone) (PT03)
PAGE Competition
Final Draft’s Big Break Contest
Script Pipeline

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Off to NYTVF (plus another win!)

Today, I’m leaving on a jet plane. In fact, I’m headed all the way to the East Coast for the 2015 New York TV Festival.

You may recall that I was one of the winners in this year’s JHRTS Pilot Script Competition. The “prize” was being selected as Official Artist in this year’s NYTVF.

Besides the few official public events announced, and some other Official Artist-related stuff, I have no real idea of what to expect.
All that I’m hoping for is to meet amazing TV folks. And I’m sure that goal will be easily fulfilled.

Speaking of amazing folks…

There has been some additional great personal/professional news earlier this week (that I shared on the Twitterverse).

I am one of the three “Mentorship Winners” in this year’s Launch Pad pilot contest (brought to you by the folks at Tracking-Board.com)!

Much like the JHRTS pilot contest, this “mentorship” process is the first time it’s happened (rather, the first time Launch Pad has ever offered this).
I’m looking forward to learning and exchanging about the television writing industry. Ain’t that what we’re all here for?

In the meantime, my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.

Whether during or after the festival, I’ll be writing some follow-up articles to retell my NYTVF journey from within.

Up and atom!

NYTVF 2015 is a go.

I have booked my plane tickets for New York City, JFK.
Virgin America style.

In case you missed the news, I’ll be heading this October to the 2015 New York Television Festival as one of their “Official Artists“!
This is thanks to my awesome finish at this year’s JHRTS Pilot Script Competition.

And speaking of festival business…

Remember the very tight draft deadline from last week? Well, I’m currently working on a pitch document for the same project. The deadline I’m aiming? This week-end. Only a few hours left.

Of course, I’ll be posting about my ongoing NYTVF experience down the line, including more details about what exactly I’m doing right this second (hint: I’m procrastinating).

Things are about to get quite interesting.