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Thirteen Years of TV Calling

I’ve been MIA for a while after the past year, but today is a special day.

We are marking, incredibly, the 13th birthday of TV Calling!

This site, this community, this platform could not exist with you. You right here, reading this. As always, I want to give a huge THANK YOU for your support of TV Calling even through the hard times. I might say it every year, and it is still true after all this time.

We took a break from Paper Team a few months ago, however (much like this site) it isn’t the end. Just a little pause until we get our bearings straight.

Despite all this, the past twelve months have been, once again, our strongest on record. We achieved a new peak back in October and November with nearly 2,000(!) daily visitors on TV Calling. Paper Team also reached new milestones earlier this year, with over 350,000(!) downloads. Sublime.

It is true that I haven’t been as active online as I’ve been in the past. I’ve drifted away from social media. There wasn’t a spec list this year, in part due to fellowships moving away from specs. However, specs continue to make a comeback on the professional side, with showrunners reading more and more of them. So perhaps the spec list will make its return in the future.

We know how much you value our TV writing content, which is why we hope this little break isn’t stopping you from continuing your own journey. We’re in tough times, but (despite everything going on) know that you’re not alone.

Here’s to year fourteen, and even more beyond.

Write on.

Paper Pause (PT212)

Alex and Nick announce that they’re taking a break from Paper Team. From new content to COVID fatigue, we go over all the reasons behind our decision in this episode.

Plus, we discuss the future of the podcast and our Patreon campaign.


Survivor: Hollywood – Emotional and Practical Realities of TV Writing (PT209)
COVID-19 and Hollywood: How We Adapt (PT177)

You can find Paper Team on Twitter:

For any questions, comments or feedback, you can e-mail us: [email protected]

Twelve Years of TV Calling

It’s been a rough year, but today is a day of celebration as we mark the 12th birthday of TV Calling!

Pretty incredible to see how far we’ve come. If every year of existence were its own month, we’d have a full year’s worth. (Wait, what?)

This site and community wouldn’t exist without you. Yes, you reading this right now. So on that note, let me say a huge THANK YOU for your continuous support. I repeat it every year, and it remains true.

For my stat fiends, once again the past twelve months (i.e. year) have been our best on record. In fact, TV Calling was reaching peaks of 700-1,000 daily visitors during May sweeps! And that’s not even mentioning all the Paper Team accolades, including the podcast reaching 265,000 downloads. Surreal.

I’ll acknowledge there have been a couple of misses recently – including no yearly “spec list” for the first time in (literally) a decade. Hopefully you can forgive these mishaps due to, well, the world imploding et al. Interestingly, this also happened on the year when specs are making a comeback for several showrunners and staffing prospects (more on that later).

But all is not lost as I know there’ll be plenty of content in weeks and months and years to come, both on TV Calling and Paper Team.

These days in particular, we hope you are not only safe and secure but on your way to thriving. Despite all the hardships going on, know you are never alone – I’m right here by your side.

Here’s to year thirteen, and many more beyond.

Write on.