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Bonjour WGA

Film France is launching with the WGA a program named France Unlimited Access which allows 10 WGA writers to go on an 8-day tour of, you guessed it, France.
Well, actually Paris and the South of France.
The first tour will be held between Nov. 6 and Nov. 13 with John August, Michael Brandt, Michael Dougherty, Derek Haas, Edward Neumeier, Duncan Tucker and Rita Hsiao.

As you might have also guessed, the aim is to promote France as an appropriate setting for future movies. And what better way to start but with the writers.

August has dedicated a post on this and has kind of spurred somewhat of a debate.
On what you might ask.
Well, some people seem to believe that “relocating” so to speak, say, 10 features in France, will somehow affect the global American economy.

Is that the most ridiculous statement you’ve heard all week or what?

Anyway, since it’s for “business” (in France!), the screenwriters probably won’t do any screenwriting seminars and such here unfortunately.
And since I don’t know where they are in Paris, I won’t be able to stalk them. :(

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