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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Bringing the TV Writers’ Room Process Home (PT06)

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Alex and Nick dig into why it’s important to maintain a consistent TV writing routine, and how you can mimic the same process from TV writers’ rooms into your own home.

It’s all about working through each individual (but vital) step of television writing, including inception, pitching, outlining, drafting and rewriting.



1 – Why you need to have a TV writing routine (00:27)
2 – Breaking down the TV writers’ room process (04:12)
3 – Inception (05:12)
4 – Background Processing (20:29)
5 – Pitching (21:44)
6 – Outlining (26:07)
7 – Drafting (36:48)
8 – Feedback and Rewriting (44:48)
Takeaways and Resources (53:37)


Revenge and The Count of Monte Cristo
Master Class with Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman)
Patent Trolling
Wikipedia’s Random Feature
Anuario Luis Herrera Solís
Apple Notes
Google Keep
Moleskine Notebook
The Man Who Makes Sense of Lost (Gregg Nations)
Interview with Bryan Cogman
Index cards in Final Draft
The TV Writer’s Workbook – Ellen Sandler
Alien shooting script
John Swartzwelder


Creative Spark with Dustin Lance Black (Video)
Inside the Breaking Bad writers’ room (Article)
Vince Gilligan on breaking a story in a writer’s room (Video)

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