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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Creating and Running a Children’s TV Show ft. Mike Alber (Kirby Buckets) (PT96)

Alex and Nick invite Mike Alber, co-creator of Disney XD’s Kirby Buckets, to discuss everything about running a kids show, from producing a pilot and staffing a writers’ room, to generating new material and staying creative.

What is the process of selling a show? What is the journey of getting a pilot produced? How is a writing staff assembled? How do you transition from writer to showrunner? How is a kids television show made? What was it like working on Death Valley and Supah Ninjas? What was the experience of getting a freelance script on The Flash?

The Paper Team gets warped…



Getting a first writing assignment, moving to LA, working on Death Valley and Supah Ninjas, selling a show to Disney, getting the pilot of Kirby Bucket produced, interaction with other producers and showrunner, staffing and running a writers’ room, breaking stories, production on a live-action children’s show, freelancing on The Flash, transitioning between formats and genre (00:27)
Resources and Next Week On (1:02:48)


Mike Alber on Twitter (@MAlber)
Mike Alber on Twitter (@MAlber2000)
Kirby Buckets
Gabe Snyder
Death Valley
Supah Ninjas
Kristofor Brown
“Subject 9” (4×14 – The Flash)


“Small Screen, Big Picture” – Chad Gervich
“The TV Writer’s Workbook” – Ellen Sandler

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