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Looking to start your TV writing journey?


That’s how I feel after reading some of the latest news going on around.

First, Activision is eyeing a possible TV Show adaptation based on the popular Guitar Hero video-game.
There are also some talks about a movie version of the game.
Yeah, seriously.

Keanu Reeves meanwhile is set to star in a Universal remake of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

As for FOX’s Virtuality by Michael Taylor and Ronald D. Moore, well…

The 2-hour pilot directed by Peter Berg will be aired as a Movie of the Week…
On July 4th.
Also on the “Oh God, please no” list is FOX airing Michael Taylor/Ronald D. Moore’s Virtuality 2-hour pilot (directed by Peter Berg) as a Movie of the Week…
On July 4th.
As usual, way to go FOX!

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