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Floppy music and a cure for jet lag

Remember the good ol’ days of the floppy disk?
Well the floppy is now trying to break into the music business.

Also, an interesting research showed that if you fast for 16 hours prior to the time you (would want to) wake up, and then eat a big meal, your internal clock will sync with your “food clock” (yeah that’s right, there are 2 clocks inside you). It takes a wait of 16 hours before an eat to reset the internal clock and allow it to resync with the food clock. You will then, the next time, wake up at around the same time you would eat that big wake-up meal.
What’s the point of this you might ask. This is interesting news if you want to limit the effects of jet lag and/or need/want to wake-up early.
It might work, it might not. I’ll try this out when I go off to NYC.

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