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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

From Actor to Writer and Working Across Genres ft. Justin Michael Terry (Stargate Origins) (PT98)

Alex and Nick invite Justin Michael Terry, writer on Stargate Origins, to discuss working, acting, and writing across different TV genres, in both comedy and drama.

What was the process of writing Stargate Origins? What are the challenges in writing something within a pre-established canon? How do you approach writing mini episodes fitting a larger format? What lessons from improv and comedy can writers take? How do you transition writing between genres?

The Paper Team dials the gate…



Background, starting as an actor, improv, getting involved in Stargate Origins, writing SGO, Stargate franchise, shaping your writer’s brand, balancing comedy and drama, approaching new projects (01:17)
Final Advice, Resources, and Next Week On (47:28)


Justin Michael Terry on Twitter
Stargate Origins
Stargate Command
Walking with Dinosaurs
Cannibal Holocaust
The Blair Witch Project
“The Torment of Tantalus” (1×11 – Stargate SG-1)
Catherine Langford
Taylor Sheridan
Robert E. Howard

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