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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

NBC Writers on the Verge ft. Karen Horne – Inside the TV Writing Programs (PT132)

Alex and Nick pursue their “Inside the TV Writing Program” series – a deep dive into what goes on inside every major TV writing program from the decision makers themselves.

Part three centers on the NBC Writers on the Verge Program, with its director Karen Horne, Senior Vice President of Programming Talent Development & Inclusion for NBC Entertainment and Universal Television Studios.

Everything is discussed, from what they look for in spec scripts and essay questions, to the importance of the interview process and how the program has evolved over the years.

PT132 NBC Writers on the Verge Karen Horne


About the NBC Writers on the Verge program (00:49)
1 – The application process (02:28)
2 – The selection process (13:07)
3 – The program (23:05)
4 – After the program and final advice (33:49)


NBC Writers on the Verge Program
NBC Diverse Staff Writer Initiative
NBCUniversal Late Night Writers Workshop
NBC Emerging Director Program
NBC Female Forward
NBC Alternative Director Program
StandUp NBC
NBCUNI TIPS on Facebook
NBC WOTV on Facebook
Karen Horne on Twitter

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