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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Return of the Pod – Paper Scraps Monthly (PT178)

Alex and Nick return to Paper Team by answering your TV writing questions about outdated scripts, voice-over in shows, and pilot pitching.

Plus, we discuss some of the TV business updates following COVID, including production changes, WGA demands, and new OTTs.

NOTE: This episode was recorded before the current George Floyd protests. We’ll be covering TV writing through the prism of representation and police brutality in upcoming episodes.


Podcast Updates and Shout-outs (01:21)
TV Writing Questions: Outdated scripts, voice-over, pilot pitching (06:31)
TV Writing News: COVID consultants, new-writer discounts, Quibi, HBO Max, fall schedules (23:43)


Peter C. Hayward’s “Paper Team takeaways” thread
“Wanted in Hollywood: COVID-19 consultants to help keep sets safe” – Reuters
“WGA Calls For Elimination Of New-Writer Discounts And Training Program Rates” – Deadline
“Quibi cites pandemic, protests for drop in rankings. Others cite lack of hits.” – Los Angeles Times
“HBO Max’s Quiet Launch” – The Motley Fool

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Special thanks to Alex Switzky for helping us edit this episode.

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