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Pilot season continues with another one at CBS and two over at The CW.

That ’70s Show‘s Jackie and Jeff Filgo have brought to CBS Big D, a show about an NYC couple moving to Dallas, the hometown of the husband. His Southern mother becomes the living hell of his wife, born and raised on the East Coast.
The concept has been deemed similar to another CBS pilot, The Karenskys.

Body Politic is one of the two CW pilot picked up this week. The show is about D.C. politicians and young staffers, with among them a young woman working for a Senator who has freshly moved to the capital. The pilot was written by The Sparrow‘s Jason Rothenberg and Bill Robinson.

The other pilot is from Dawson’s Creek‘s creator, Kevin Williamson, and Kyle XY‘s Julie Plec. The show is named Vampire Diairies and tells the story of a young heroine loved by two brother vampires, one good and the other evil, at war over her souls and that of the other inhabitants of her small town. The pilot is based on a series of novels dating back 15 years and written by L.J. Smith for Alloy Entertainment (Gossip Girl, Priviledged, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).

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