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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

TV Prose 201: Breaking Rules (PT156)

Alex and Nick delve into the nuances of editorializing on the page, and take a look at unconventional ways of breaking rules in your TV writing.

What is the goal of breaking rules with prose? What are unique tools to convey information in scene descriptions? How do you direct on the page in an emotional way? When can you editorialize your writing? What is meta-prose and how should you use it? When is formatting worth playing with?

The Paper Team comments…


1 – Preface (01:01)
2 – Editorializing the prose (04:19)
3 – Directing on the page (23:56)
4 – Meta-prose and breaking the fourth wall (30:25)
5 – Playing with formatting (37:48)
Takeaways and Next Week On (44:16)


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