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Two Strikes and who’s out?

As the reality of a looming SAG strike seems even more palpable each day we pass, a lot of discussion is being made about the possible impacts such a strike would have on workers, as well as a broadcast world already doubly-crippled: by the WGA strike, and by the economic crisis.
And that is without mentioning (but let’s) catastrophic ratings linked to a cable gaining strength every day as well as “the axis of new media”.
Whoopsy daisy.

Temp X has posted an open letter to the SAG leadership talking about the serious unemployment ramifications the strike will have on thousands of people.

THR’s Nellie Andreeva wrote an article on how such a strike would impact even more the nets’ downfall.
It would also “further cable’s momentum”, as most of the scripted cable shows are AFTRA, not SAG.
The “Big Five”‘s primetime series on the other hand, for the vast majority, will only have completed about 60 to 75% of their episodes before the holiday break.

Sharon Waxman has also reported that five “big name” actors met in a private Italian restaurant à la Godfather.
These actors being Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Annette Bening and…Nick Nolte (what?).
They all secretly wrote on a piece of paper their views on why/whether or not a strike should happen.
According to Waxman’s source the majority of them thought that “the guild should move toward a strike.”

As to the actual vote made by the 120 000+ members, it should happen in the next few weeks.
A strike-vote will not necessarily mean an immediate strike as it will probably take about a month for the SAG to process it.
Still, if a strike is voted, then there’s a pretty good chance that the strike will happen in 09.

Meanwhile, on the WGA side, the “fi-core battle” continues as the AMPTP ruled the letter naming of 28 fi-core writers (the WGA blacklist) as a “direct violation of federal labor law”.
Washington’s National Labor Relations Board sent the case back to the L.A. regional director with instructions to issue a complaint.

I guess that’s another Wait & See for us.

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