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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Coming and catching (up)

Well I’m back again.
Sorry for not posting earlier, tons of stuff to do.
The priority was to first get my new phone.

Destroying the iPhone anytime baby!

I also recently came across this page (although currently down, it wasn’t a couple of weeks ago). Yes, that seems to be an actual TV Writing/Producing program at UCLA. I unfortunately wasn’t able to contact Student Services whilst I was over there last week but I am currently trying to get more information about it, so if anyone of you readers know what the hell this is, feel free to comment.

Anyway, loads of other stuff to talk about also.
Dark Knight in Imax (orgasm-alert), Burn After Reading, Pinneaple Express, the Paley Fall Preview Party (Chuck ftw), etc.
Lots and lots of stuff indeed.

More to come very soon so stay tuned!

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