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Who watches the IMAX?

Yes Dark Knight in IMAX is awesome. One might even describe it as orgasm-inducing.
My only complaint would be the sound.
Putting your ear next to the subwoofer over at a nightclub will probably be less harmful to you than sitting at the center of an IMAX theatre during a Dark Knight showing.
But it was worth it! I do not regret shedding 16 dollars to see it, again.

Prior to DK was, among other trailers, the Watchmen trailer.
I’m not a big fan of movie adaptations of Moore’s work. After all, LXG was crap, From Hell was pretty average, and so was V For Vendetta.

As for the Watchmen movie, I also strongly dislike Zack Snyder’s “work“, let alone 300.

Alan Moore will also “spit venom all over” the Watchmen movie.
Now, it is probable that he is just bitter about all the failed movie adaptations but I agree with him vis à vis the Watchmen adaptation.
To be honest, I’ll probably watch the Watchmen movie, hopefully even in IMAX to get the full “experience”.
Yes, the trailer kicked ass in IMAX, but it looks like it will be a Watchmen à la 300-Snyder; that is, a movie with lots of pseudo-cool slowmo to enhance the “cool factor” of the scene where there is no need for it.
Just take a look back at the “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA” moment (around 2:50), and then watch the Comedian getting thrown out (around 00:45). See any similarities?
You can bet that Snyder is going to “enhance” every scene with tons of slow motion just because it’s cool.
And I hate that.
Not because slow motion sucks, but because Watchmen doesn’t need it. The tour de force of Watchmen is not neceserally the visuals but the story itsel, the characters, and the dialogues.
So frak you Snyder!

And what is this I hear about a 300 sequel?

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