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The end isn't here

A Nielsen rating comparison published yesterday revealed what shows are Dems or GOP viewers watching the most.
The data seems kind of all (Tin Man -a 2006 SciFi mini- is in there) and to be honest not really accurate for me:
I watch zero show from the “Bipartisan” list, 2 from the “Republican” list (South Park & Damages) and 2 from the “Democrat” list (Philly & Colbert).

And what’s that about the “Deadliest Catch” being number 2 on the Dems list? :)

I also saw that Knight Rider got a full-season pickup.
Not to be mean but: what the fuck?

In movie news, /Film has revealed that the Watchmen movie ending might be different from the graphic novel’s.
A test screening was done and as one might expect, infos got leaked.
I read what this “new” ending is supposed to be and am quite disappointed in it.
Nothing is confirmed yet so this info might just be fake, but still.
If it holds, this new end basically ruins what the “real” Watchmen ending, and actually the whole book, is about. It goes in a completely different direction unfortunately.
I’m even starting to wonder if the Watchmen movie is still set in the 80s during the height of the Cold War…

I’m really hoping I’m just wrong on the whole thing but you have to wonder…

And if you haven’t yet read Watchmen, be ashamed.

This was another useless post brought to you by tiredness.

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