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Squid, or no Squid?

No Squid.

That’s the official word from Snyder himself.

Yep, there’s an all-new ending for the 2h42 Watchmen movie.

You can check the whole interview with Zack over here. It is pretty revealing on what made the cut, what didn’t, and what we should expect (and hear — music!) in the upcoming movie.

There’s a 3h30 ‘Black Freighter’ version that will be available on DVD!

In other Watchmen news, like with Star Trek earlier this month, Paramount seems to be doing a cross-website promotional thingy; releasing promo posters on various websites (thanks EW for that crappy thumbnail!).

I’m deeply troubled I wasn’t one of those websites but, what the heck.

The Comedian still rules.

Speaking of (Star Trek that is), am I the only one shocked at how lame all these Spock (and for that matter Kirk) promo pics are?

It’s like they’re not even trying to hide the fact that he’s wearing a wig, let alone fake eyebrows.
Even in the 60s, their make-up was much better!
And I know this because, I must confess… I’m currently in a ST: TOS marathon.

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  1. The Watchmen posters are staying truly true (yeah, I went there) to the comics. The Star Trek posters kind of creep me out, but they are trying to be nostalgic with original posters from like…30 years ago.
    So if the movie is a new take on Star Trek, why are the posters supposed to be like older ones?

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