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Disney ABC Writing Program ft. Kristi Shuton – Inside the TV Writing Programs (PT130)

Alex and Nick begin their “Inside the TV Writing Program” series – a deep dive into what goes on inside every major TV writing program from the decision makers themselves.

Our first part is all about the Disney ABC Writing Program, with Kristi Shuton, who oversees the program as Manager of Creative Talent Development & Inclusion at the Disney ABC Television Group.

All the ins-and-outs are covered, from the application and selection process, to the content of the program and what comes after.

PT130 Disney ABC Kristi Shuton


About the Disney ABC Writing program (00:48)
1 – The application process (04:02)
2 – The selection process (18:16)
3 – The program (31:25)
4 – After the program and final advice (40:10)


The Disney ABC Writing Program
Disney ABC CTDI (Creative Talent Development & Inclusion) on Facebook
Disney ABC CTDI on Instagram
The Disney ABC Directing Program

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