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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Feedback and Notes: Building Your Reading Onion (PT08)

Alex and Nick discuss how you can build a “reading onion” to get constant feedback over the course of your TV writing, and how to deal with the notes you’ll be getting.
Who should you get comments from? What do the layers of the “onion” stand for? Which notes should you be ignoring and which ones should you address?
The Paper Team has a few macro thoughts on the issue…



1 – Who: Different people for different notes (00:37)
2 – When: The “reading onion” and its first layer (11:47)
3 – Outline: The second layer of the “onion” (15:15)
4 – Rough Draft: The third layer of the “onion” (18:29)
5 – Real Draft: the fourth layer of the “onion” (21:25)
6 – Macro v. Micro notes (23:09)
7 – What: Specific notes you should be getting and asking for (30:08)
8 – How: Reacting to notes and addressing them (39:51)
Takeaways and Resources (45:06)


Writing Jane the Virgin


A Martian Wouldn’t Say That! – Compiled by Leonard Stern & Diane Robison
TV Network Notes (Twitter)

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