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Finding Content for Digital TV ft. Hillary Levi (VRV) (PT112)

Alex and Nick invite Hillary Levi, creative executive at Ellation and developing shows for their streaming platform VRV, to discuss finding content for streaming and aggregation services.

How does an OTT decide which content is best suited for its service? What are important aspects of a VRV project? How can a platform maintain a consistent product with rotation in its programming? How does a creative executive find writers to work with? How can creators best approach a network like VRV with projects for development?

The Paper Team curates…



Finding OTT Content with Hillary Levi (00:36)
Final Advice, Resources and Next Week On (36:33)


Hillary Levi on Twitter
LeviathanStudiosLA (Hillary’s Etsy store)
Sailor Moon
Red vs. Blue
Rooster Teeth
Matthew Mercer
Matt Fraction
Warren Ellis
Kelly Sue DeConnick
“TV Production Companies ft. Logan Kriete (Producer & Development Executive)” (PT74)
“Digital Content & Emerging Platforms ft. Eva Miller (Canvas Media Studios)” (PT80)
“Tan ft. Hasan Minhaj” (Video)


“The Hollywood Assistants Handbook” – Peter Nowalk & Hillary Stamm

Special thanks to Alex Switzky for helping us edit this episode.

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