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Glucocorticoid Response Elements

Since I’m in the GRE adventure alone (I’m talking vis à vis the real world), I also have to prepare myself alone. Therefore I bought a couple of books about the subject.

My main concern was ironically the vocab section of the test and there is one book in particular, regarding vocabulary in itself, that I find particularly helpful: Essential Words for the GRE. It has got basically 800 “essential” GRE words with exercises, definitions, etc.
As I’m normally going to pass the GRE test in late Nov/early Dec of this year, I made myself a little schedule to learn the new words by heart (roughly 10 every 2 days).
As you know by now I’m lazy and a great procrastinator, so I have not made it very far in my schedule, but I’m getting there…hopefully.
There’s also this math section that I thought would be easy but it turns out it’s much harder than I expected so I also have to prepare for it (this is where this book will come in handy).

Hard work will pay off, so if you are also working on your GRE, or SAT, or other tests of some sort, go work on them in the long term, not the short term. Do a schedule like mine…but do it!

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