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Tauron trip

Since I’m going off on a month-long vacation in a couple of days I’m starting to pack my suitcase. I won’t have Internet there since it’s the middle of nowhere.
That means hopefully no procrastination…Although there’s gonna be family there so who knows.
Anyway I’m packing a couple of books because I want to study and write whilst I’m under the sun. I also want to try out the 7-day screenplay method.
I’ll have loads of time to think in the car, 7-hour trip!

In other news I read last night the Caprica pilot, and I’ve got to say it’s looking pretty good.
Going on Jill Gollick‘s footsteps, the structure of the (2-hour) Caprica pilot was:

Act One – 23 pages
Act Two – 13 pages
Act Three – 18 pages
Act Four – 15 pages
Act Five – 12 pages
Act Six – 6 pages
Act Seven – 6 pages
Act Eight – 9 pages

I was a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, and then season 3 happened, so I wasn’t really excited about Caprica, especially when I heard it was going to be Dallas in space. I read a couple of months ago what the basic story was going to be about, but I forgot about it.
Then last night I read the script and was completely blown away by the end of act one. Suffice to say if you don’t really know the story of the show, it’s going to blow you away too.
Anyway, the technology is also very advanced in Caprica, nothing like BSG, so I’m waiting to see what’s up with the CGI (although I’m sure it’s going to be good given what we have on BSG).
The basic mythology is well set-up but don’t expect to see much tie-ins with BSG.
Only a year to wait…

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