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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

And it begins

Enigmatic post title, eh?
Well not really.

First, the casting for ABC’s Flash Forward has finally begun with Courtney Vance cast as Stan Wedeck and Jack Davenport as Lloyd Simcoe.

Look to your right to catch the pilot script.

I thought it was a good pilot. I completely see why people would want to match it with Lost. The way it is told is certainly reminiscent of a mythological show like Lost. I’ve already got a couple theories going on in my head!

For those who read the book, the show seems to be completely different so don’t worry.
And if you’re thinking of getting spoiled off the book, don’t get your hopes up. The book’s explanation for the FF is some pseudo-science stuff that is way too complicated for national TV.

Also, Caprica (BSG’s prequel show) is finally set to begin.
I’ll let that post-title double pun sink in now for a while.

All Good?

Let me repeat: Caprica has finally had a series order.


I posted several months back about the pilot so if you want to glean a tinsy bit of info on that script check the small post. Although you’ll probably be better off finding your own copy of the pilot script by now.

Also, beginning (or rather continuing) is Showtime’s momentum, growing at an impressive rate. 2008 is Sho’s fifth consecutive year of growth, with a 7% increase of subscribers in the last 12 months.
The L.A. Times has just published a pretty interesting piece around the reasons behind Sho’s success.
As usual, a business eye in the TV world nowadays is not a must but a given. So get involved in SRS BSNS if you know what I mean.
I sense a shift of cable-power coming up.

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