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TV Fall '08: The Complete Review – What is new

We now continue with Part 2 of our Television Fall 2008 coverage and the new shows that are coming up this fall.
A lot of adaptations from international shows and some weird new series.
Is this season any good?

They’re coming. Prepare for our new overlords.

Worst Week (premieres Sept. 22): A remake from an english show. First made for NBC, now it comes to CBS. I’m not watching this.
The Mentalist (premieres Sept. 23): I saw the pilot and strongly disliked it. I prefer to it the fresher (and funnier) Psych.
Gary Unmarried (premieres Sept. 24): Another CBS sitcom that I won’t watch.
The Ex List (premieres Oct. 3): Isn’t that the plot from Sex and Death 101 but upside down?
Eleventh Hour (premieres Oct. 9): Again, another remake from the Sleeper Cell guys. Another show I’ll probably not watch!

Knight Rider (premieres Sept. 24): I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw the pilot earlier this year.
My Own Worst Enemy (premieres Sept. 29): Christian Slater in a modern spin of Jekyll&Hyde. I may watch it to see what it’s like.
Kath & Kim (premieres Oct. 9): Oh, when will they learn?
Crusoe (premieres Oct. 17): Is this going to be a minaturized version of POTC? Probably, but I’ll watch the premiere anyway just to make sure.

Life On Mars (premieres Oct. 9): A failure waiting to happen.

Fringe (premieres Sept. 9): If you’re reading this, chances are that you already know what this show is. I’m still waiting to see “what’s next” so I’ll tune in for the first episodes. Will the lightning strike twice?
Do not disturb (premieres Sept. 10): Booooring.

90210 (premieres Sept. 2): Melrose Place is back in business. I’m not sure if people are actually going to watch that, I won’t.
Privileged (premieres Sept. 9): Once named Surviving the Filthy Rich (no this is not a Paris Hilton reality show), it appears to be some sort of Gossip Girl 2.0.
Valentine (premieres Sept. 21): What is that you ask? Some kind of spin on Greek Gods and love it seems. I won’t watch to find out the rest.

True Blood (premieres Sept. 7): Six Feet Under is one of my favorite shows, if not my favorite show. So it is without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that I REALLY wanted to see (and love) True Blood. I was fortunate enough to be able to see the pilot and I’m REALLY disapointed. Alan Ball what have you done? Hopefully the show will get better but…I honestly doubt it.

Come back tomorrow for the third and final part of our Complete Review. We will have something that resembles an analysis of what is up with the various networks.

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