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TV Fall '09: The Complete Review – What is coming back

Following last year’s lead, it is now time for “the inevitable fall preview post that is on every TV blog!”
As always, it will be split into three parts (returning show, new shows, network talk)
No hazardous predictions this year seeing as I’m can’t seem to see very far.
Now, let us begin.

Back in all their glory; That, they are (not).

Suvivor – Season 19 (premieres Sept. 17): A new season with a “treasure island” theme. Let’s pray that we’ll get a more interesting game than what we’ve been having for the past couple of years. I hope you love the Samoas because the 2010 edition was filmed back-to-back on the same location.
How I Met Your Mother – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 21): Suit up! It’s time to go back in the game. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting this year’s Emmys so perhaps the show will garner more viewers. We should get finally this season some definite info on how Ted met his soon-to-be-wife…
Two and a Half Men – Season 7 (premieres Sept. 21): Oh God, not this again.
The Big Bang Theory – Season 3 (premieres Sept. 21): I was very reticent at the idea of watching this stereotypical show. But then I saw the first two seasons and liked it, a lot. It was much better than I expected it to be! The show was also renewed for two more seasons. Hopefully this year won’t be a crapfest.
CSI: Miami – Season 8 (premieres Sept. 21): Put on your sunglasses. Utter a lame one-liner. You’re now ready to enjoy some terrible acting on your TV.
NCIS – Season 7 (premieres Sept. 22): Not on my watch(list).
The New Adventures of Old Christine – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 23): Nothing clever to say here.
Gary unmarried – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 23): What the hell?! This was renewed?
Criminal Minds – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 23):
CSI: NY – Season 6 (premieres Sept. 23): I’ll probably check out the season premiere just to see the conclusion of last year’s cliffhanger (Hey, I had to prepare for that interview).
CSI: – Season 10 (premieres Sept. 24): The show that wouldn’t die. I’m however dying of boredom when I’m watching this.
The Mentalist – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 24): I’ll save you some time here: Go watch Psych instead.
Ghost Whisperer – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 25): I don’t have to whisper to tell everyone how mediocre this series is.
Medium – Season 6 (premieres Sept. 25): How well will Medium fare with the network switch? Tune it to find out.
Numb3rs – Season 6 (premieres Sept.25): This endless equation continues for CBS thanks to great numbers. In the ratings.
Cold Case – Season 7 (premieres Sept. 27): Obviously CBS doesn’t consider Cold Case “cold” enough to be classified. Ha. Ha. Ha. Get it?

Heroes – Season 4 (premieres Sept. 21): Will my eyes heal once I gauge them out?
Law & Order: SVU – Season 11 (premieres Sept. 25): Sorry peeps, I’m not interested.
Parks and Recreation – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 17): Given that the first season got funnier by the episode, I’m looking forward to this one.
The Office – Season 6 (premieres Sept. 17): Last season was pretty weak to say the least. I’ve heard good things about the upcoming episodes however, so cross your fingers.
30 Rock – Season 4 (premieres Oct. 15): Although a great show, I still feel that it’s The Sopranos of comedy (regarding its hype).
Southland – Season 2 (premieres Oct. 23): The pilot didn’t really impress me (and I’m not that big on cop shows). There’s also this little Friday slot problem and the show being pushed back a month. Doesn’t show confidence…
Friday Night Lights – Season 4 (premieres Oct. 28 – On Direct TV): The third season was much better than its second. It also opened the show to a whole range of new possibilities. Perhaps we’ll see the beginning of a two-season arc (the show having been renewed for two more years).

Castle – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 21): Despite Nathan Fillion being on it, the show never really clicked with me.
Grey’s Anatomy – Season 6 (premieres Sept. 24): Perhaps this year the onscreen drama will be more interesting than the backstage one.
Desperate Housewives – Season 6 (premieres Sept. 27): The show can’t keep its 5-year leap momentum for long. I wonder how they’ll try to reinvent themselves this time around.
Brothers & Sisters – Season 4 (premieres Sept. 27): I stopped watching the show two seasons ago. And, speaking of…
Private Practice – Season 3 (premieres Oct. 1): …I gave up on this one last year.
Ugly Betty – Season 4 (premieres Oct. 9): I’m assuming this is most likely the last season given its great schedule placement.

Bones – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 17): Nothing to add here.
Fringe – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 17): Answers shall be given. In that parallel universe where we’re not currently residing.
‘Til Death – Season 4 (premieres Sept. 18): You’re kidding me, right?
House M.D. – Season 6 (premieres Sept. 21): As stated last year, I dropped out after a season and a half. The one good thing about House however is that his one-liners are funnier than Caruso’s.
Dollhouse – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 25): The biggest surprise of last season was probably the renewal of Dollhouse. Epitaph One, despite its greatness and “bonus episode” aspect, was pretty much a game-changer that will be hard to play out organically inside the upcoming season. I wouldn’t hold my breath (again) for a third season. FOX putting it behind ‘Til Death and Brothers signals the end.
The Simpsons – Season 21 (premieres Sept. 27): That other show that wouldn’t die.
Family Guy – Season 8 (premieres Sept. 27): Their Emmy nom was so underserved. Go check out instead the early seasons of The Simpsons or, better yet, Futurama.
American Dad – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 27): Still average.
Lie to Me
– Season 2 (premieres Sept. 28)
: I won’t lie to you, I don’t care about this show. Even if it has Shawn Ryan as its showrunner.

I shan’t comment since I neither watch nor care about The CW shows.

90210 – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 8)
Supernatural – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 10)
One Tree Hill – Season 7 (premieres Sept. 14)
Gossip Girl – Season 3 (premieres Sept. 14)
Smallville – Season 9 (premieres Sept. 25)

Dexter – Season 4 (premieres Sept. 27): I’ll sum up this upcoming season in two words: John. Lithgow.
Californication – Season 3 (premieres Sept. 27): The move to NYC should mix things up a bit. I wonder how all of this will play out.

Sons of Anarchy – Season 2 (premieres Sept. 8): I’m not really interested in the show, though I’ve heard great things about it.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 5 (premieres Sept. 17): Almost a year after the fourth season’s finale are we getting this fresh batch of episodes. About time I say.
Nip/Tuck – Season 6 (premieres Oct. 14): Funny how the last two seasons were shot at the same time yet we won’t get a series finale until 2011…

Whew, that was a long first part.

There won’t be any script review tomorrow; instead you’ll have another kind of review with part deux of this wonderful list (albeit with new shows this time).

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