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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Live from Avignon, it's Wednesday Afternoon!

You might be thinking:
“There’s a good chance that I won’t see this message the second after it’s posted, ergo it won’t be live, ergo this post title doesn’t make sense.”
And you’d be right.
Except the heat here (over 105°F!) doesn’t make things better for me and I have no idea what I’m writing basically.
I’m in a cyber café right now (1 euro per half hour, what a rip-off!) so I won’t be long.
Just to tell my long-time fans (read 1 month-old fans) that I’ll be back in Paris Sunday night.

In a perfect world, today’s post would read something like:
Life in the South of France is great. I got all my reading done, I wrote my 7-day movie script, I even wrote a spec pilot.

But this is not really how it goes.
I haven’t read a single page of that book I was talking about the other day and I have written basically 20 pages instead of 90 on my 7-day script.
I’ve been busy elsewhere. Mainly in my dreams.

Also, unfortunately I have no news about comic-con except I heard that the trailer for Watchmen came out a few weeks ago with Dark Knight. And I was not able to see Dr. Horrible’s Singalong!
Hopefully I’ll get all this done and more next week.
Yes, I’m an optimist…At least I hope.

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