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To the future!

Well hello there.

Looks like I’m back.
Okay, that’s a half-lie (or is it half-truth).

Since late-November, a lot of stuff has happened.
Avatar came out and broke box-office records.
Golden Globes were delivered, and Oscar noms went out.
The final season of Lost has begun as well as the 2010 Olympics.
Pilot season is upon us, and there was this whole Conan/Leno story.
Wow, what a (few) month(s)!

Oh, and I have a Green card.

Now if you’re wondering what the hell happened to me in the past three or so months, the short answer is that I’ve been away.
For the longer version, stay tuned. I do have a lot to talk about.

The one thing to note is that I have been busy working on the new version of the blog (remember?).
I admit, I took a Christmas break, but it’s almost over now.

You’ll have to wait a bit before discovering the new website as I still need to transfer (right now) the 400+ posts and basically re-tag every one of them (among other things).
Hang tight, we’re almost there.

During that time, I will still be on Twitter (where I admit I haven’t been that much present).

That wasn’t a bad first post.

I’ll see you on the flip side (or on the bird).

And happy Valentine’s Day.
And New Year while we’re at it.

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