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The Future's In

Remember that Jesse Alexander pilot from the other day?
Turns out NBC just ordered it, and its name is Day One.
The pitch reminded me a lot of Survivors:
A global event ravages the world and a small group of survivors band together to try to rebuild society and break the mysteries surrounding the apocalyptic event.

Amy Poheler’s show meanwhile seems to now have a name: Public Service.

On the ABC front, Shonda Rhimes got another pilot picked up, Inside the Box, this time not around doctors but journalists. The show, set in Washington, revolves around an ambitious female news producer and her colleagues.

Also greenlit was I, Claudia, about Claudia McIntire, a young prosecuting attorney that will one day be a contender for the U.S. presidency.
Sounds like Jack & Bobby meets Commander in Chief.
The pilot was penned by The Days‘ John Scott Shepherd.

The cast for Spielberg’s Tintin was announced as well as the title of the movie, The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn.
Tintin will be played by Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis will play Haddock and Daniel Craig will be Red Rackham.
Also starring are Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Mackenzie Crook, Gad Elmaleh and Toby Jones.

The writers of the first movie will be Ant-Man‘s Joe Cornish, Dr. Who‘s Steven Moffat and Shaun of the Dead‘s Edgar Wright.

This movie should be the first of a series based on Herg√©’s character and made in 3-D MoCap.

Release is slated for 2011 and principal photography started yesterday.

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