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Introducing the TV Spec Test

One of the most popular posts on TV Calling has always been my annual Spec Script List, where I list the “hot” (or not) television shows that people can spec (both comedies and dramas).

Although the list gives a thorough overview of the TV spec script field, it isn’t very individual-centric.

To put it simply, everyone has different needs when it comes to the show they want to spec.
Some want to do it as an exercise, others for the fellowships.
Or maybe you’re into one genre over the other.


Before I start a TV spec script, I ask myself nine specific questions to make sure the TV show I choose to write is the right one for me.
It’s like my very own litmus test.

And given the popularity of the TV Spec List (plus the follow-up questions I get asked), there’s a clear need for people to make sure the show they pick to spec is the right one for them.

That is why I’ve decided to compile my “litmus” spec script questions (with bonus explanations) into a brand-new PDF guide for the followers of TV Calling!

I call it the TV Spec Test.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 5 personal factors to find the spec for your taste so you don’t have to bet on what’s popular.
  • 4 external elements that use attributes of the show so your script lasts more than two days.

Whether you’re applying to the TV writing programs, contests, or simply want to make sure the show you’re speccing is the right pick for you– you’ll definitely want to run your choice through the test.

Oh, I almost forgot…

I’m making the Spec Test completely free!

If this sounds useful for your TV writing, click here to find how to access this awesome, free PDF guide:

I want the Spec Test!

Write on.

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