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Marvel Madness

Well, there was a few important Marvel movies delays announced today as well as a set date for Spider-Man 4.

Spidey will go out on May 6, 2011.

Captain America was initially slated for a May 6 release as well, but most likely because the Marvel peeps are afraid it’ll flop against Spidey 4, they pushed back the release to July 22.

Spider-Man has now become more of a Sony property, but nonetheless, it’s funny to see the other Marvel properties afraid to compete against another Marvel super-hero.

Thor has also been pushed back, but this time by a full year for a 2011 release (June 17).

This move is most likely to give some breathing room for Iron Man 2 and to pack Thor with Captain America as it is an almost-unknown entity in itself.
The script I read last year also seemed to indicate a completely different tone from the other Avengers movie, going more Viking-style which further suggests they want to associate the name to the Marvel and the Avengers brand.

Speaking of Avengers, the eponymous movie is as well pushed back another year and will therefore be released in 2012 (May 4th).

Looks like the actor that will play Captain America won’t have to shoot two movies at the same time.

Meanwhile, Iron Man 2 stays on track with Rourke and now Scarlett Johannson joining the cast as Black Widow. Johannson should also guest in Avengers.

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