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Pulling them back in

Back to the usual today with a few very interesting news bits.

I’m not going to discuss the Marvel $4-billion acquistion.
It’s been pretty much talked to death already.

However, there was a double dose of duh yesterday with the announcement of a fourth season for Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire getting picked up at HBO.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Lena Heady will quickly be back on TV thanks to another HBO show, Game of Thrones. In this complicated piece of fiction, she’ll play “Queen Cersei of House Lannister, wife of King Robert and sister of twin brother Jaime Lannister and outsider younger brother Tyrion”.

Equaly as thrilling is Megan Mullally joining the second season of Rob Thomas’ Party Down.

WGA Award-winner Davey Holmes saw yesterday his spec script come to fruitition (almost) with FOX picking it up for a pilot commitment.
What am I talking about? Worthy, a show about “an Arizona politician named Worthy whose struggle to do the right thing takes a wrong turn after he is involved in a hit-and-run and gets blackmailed by a mob boss.”
Says Holmes:

I’m fascinated by moral dilemmas in politics. I also love the intensely colorful characters who spring from that world, the sweaty dance they do as they angle for power, weighing personal beliefs against their desperate need to win the next election.

Despite seeming to be cable material, Kevin Reilly and Peter Rice loved so much the script that it’s now at FOX.

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