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Sautéed days

First, I’d like to welcome all my new readers, especially the ones that are from the far-away APA Blog. :)
I hope you won’t get too lost in the crazy rants I sometime post.

Speaking of crazy rants (and crazy days for that matter)…

Wednesday is Obama Day.
And by that I mean he’s tomorrow’s Daily Show guest.
What? You thought I was gonna talk about another show he’ll be on tomorrow night simultaneously on NBC, CBS and FOX?
Also, ABC is airing Pushing Daisies.
Who will win the rating war: a pie-maker or a terrorist lover?

As for next Tuesday.
What are you supposed to do on November 4th again?
Right, buy French fries.

Today, don’t forget that Strike.TV is officially launched.
And, no, I am not producing anything over there, thanks for asking telepathically.

Also today, I successfully cooked “Sautéed aubergines and leeks with ginger”.
Yay me.

In other worldwide TV news, France Television’s primetime will begin next year at around 8:35PM instead of 8:50/9PM (as ads will be suppressed after 8PM).
To try to counter its rival network, M6 will also program its primetime at around 8:35PM.
This is a huge change in the French TV landscape.
That’s like having Mad Men on NBC right after the Super Bowl leading to record-shattering ratings of 10 people watching the show.
Only, you know, at 8:35PM.

Forgive me but I couldn’t leave you with a smile on your face, so here goes:
The Footloose remake has been fast-tracked by Paramount with… Zack Efron in the lead. Right after he signs that half-mil check.

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