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My Oh My

Continuing on last night’s “What. The. Fuck.,” NBC is going to extra-promote the Leno show next Sunday by using, wait for it, the upcoming Green Bay Packers v. Chicago Bears football game (during Sunday Night Football).
What’s interesting (or ridiculous, your pick) is that, besides the obvious call-outs during the game by the announcers, NBC will have strategically placed inside the stadium, amongst the fans, some insiders wearing football jerseys in Packers colors “with Leno’s name and either a “10” — his new timeslot in most of the country — or a “9” — his slot in the Central time zone. […] Also at Lambeau Field, spots featuring Leno dressed in a half-Packers/half-Bears jersey will run throughout the stadium.”
Throughout the game they’ll spam you by frequently cutting to either promos or “those Leno-clothed fans in the stands.”
Nice touch.

In other great news, The CW’s Vampire Diaries have scored the best ratings ever for the network, placing it not fourth nor fifth, but in third place!
In case you’re keeping tabs, the show scored around 4.8 million viewers, whilst the 90210’s second season premiered with 2.6 mil.

Meanwhile, the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is going to begin shooting circa April/May with a tentative Summer 2011 release set.
It is still unknown if Gore Verbinski will be back even if his Bioshock movie got passed to another director. But Depp is on board.
The title has been as well revealed, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
I’m so not looking forward to it.

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