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Here we go again

New news have emerged regarding projects that have been in the works for some time now.

For you Melrose Place fans out there, you probably know about that remake the CW wants to (re?)make.
One Tree Hill‘s creator Mark Schwahn is now in pole position to write the pilot, although he probably won’t stay with the actual series after that, à la Rob Thomas on 90210.

Robert Carlyle, who recently starred in 24: Redemption (who else thought that movie sucked?) is now set to star as the lead in the next (the third one) Stargate show, Stargate Universe.
The move seems similar to Richard Dean Anderson and Ben Browder’s casting in SG1 way back when: a known face for a new role.
The show should be more character-driven and darker than the previous two with less planet-exploration-type episode, since the show is based on a ship rather than on a team exploring planets.
I’m all for it to be honest.
The Stargate franchise has been dead originality-wise for a few years now.
Bring on the new.

In other news, as predicted, McG is currently working on the fifth Terminator movie, the second in the new Terminator trilogy that is (the one with Christian Bale in it).
The studio feels confident enough to order a fifth movie even though the fourth T-movie might bomb for all we know.

I just love franchises.

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  1. I’m sure Schwahn will stay with MP, if only to prolong his constant torture of me.

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