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Cast It

A bunch of casting news today for some pilots:

Battlestar Galactica‘s Tahmoh Penikett will star in SciFi/Syfy’s Riverworld.
That must mean either his character dies in Dollhouse, or, well, you know the alternative.

Also joining the cast is Smallville‘s own Laura Vandervoort who played Supergirl on the CW show.
Vandervoort and Penikett will play the main couple that is killed and brought into this world were everyone who has lived on Earth is.

The Caretaker should be played by Alan Cumming.

The Phantom has also been cast, and he will be played by Desperate Housewives‘ Ryan Carnes.
I am not too thrilled about this casting news. Let’s just say the “gravitas” I was expecting isn’t quite there.

On the other hand, the new villain, Lithia, will be played by Isabella Rossellini.

I wonder if they are going to do something closer to The Tick, or if it’s just going to end up like Smallville

The Shield‘s CCH Pounder, who is going to appear in both Warehouse 13 and James Cameron’s Avatar, will also be joining the regular cast of a comedy, a FOX comedy to be more precise, named Brothers. Pounder is set to play the mother of the two brothers.

Interesting casting choices here and there, we’ll see how it all plays out on screen in the months to come.

Also, the Daytime Emmys are shifting over to The CW.

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