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Cast Off

Lots of stuff to catch up on, like how FOX ordered another 2 seasons of The Simpsons (duh).
The same goes for CBS and Survivor.

Some casting news also with American Dreams‘ Brittany Snow starring in the Gossip Girl spin-off set in 1980 Los Angeles. Jericho‘s Shiloh Fernandez also join the cast with Breaking Bad‘s Krysten Ritter.
The backdoor pilot airs May 11.

Speaking of CW shows, big changes over at 90210 with the departure of both showrunners Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah, the new showrunner being Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair.

A few ABC, CBS, and NBC pilots also bring in some peeps.

First ABC with Empire State adding John Adams‘ David Morse and The O.C./Damages‘ Michael Nouri to the cast. See Cate Run is also in business with Friday the 13th‘s Ben Feldman, and Monarch of the Glen‘s Lloyd Owen joins Inside the Box.

CBS’ Washington Field will be lead by K-Ville‘s Cole Hauser, and NBC’s Trauma will have Miracle at St. Anna‘s Derek Luke.

FOX’s Walorsky got put on hold due to casting problems.
The same goes for ABC’s Planet Lucy, Funny in the Farsi, and CBS’ Confessions of a Contractor, although for them the hold was linked to unrespected contingencies.

Everything is starting to shape up it seems…

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