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Pilot Spiral

We continue in our marvelous adventures of pilot picking with ABC, who just greenlit 2 more comedy pilots.

The first, still unnamed, is from Scrubs‘ Tad Quill and centers on two friends, one who just had a baby, the other whom’s wife just left him.

The second pilot is Let It Go by Will & Grace‘s Alex Herschlag, and stars Gilmore Girls‘ Lauren Graham.
Graham plays a self-help guru telling women to move on with their lives as they get dumped, yet when her boyfriend leaves her, she doesn’t follow her own advice. Yet again, Mitch Hurwitz is exec producing this one.

CBS has also ordered 3 pilots, this time dramas, in addition to that NCIS spin-off.

The Unit‘s Frank Military brings a show about a team of federal prosecutors in Manhattan’s U.S. Attorney’s office.

Back revolves around a man reported missing for eight years after 9/11 who comes back home to his family. CSI: Miami‘s Dean Widenmann wrote the pilot.

And last but not least we have a pilot by Criminal Mind‘s Ed Bernero, Jim Clemente & Tim Clemente named Washington Field. As the title indicates, the show centers on the FBI’s Washington Field Office and its elite experts travelling around the globe and dealing with events concerning U.S.A.’s national interest.

Finally, some good news for our advertising friends. The economy’s “death spiral” is not going to affect Upfront Week. The various network presentations should be roughly the same as last year.
This is interesting seeing as last year’s presentations were already “scaled back from previous years”.
Don’t worry, no one wants to buy ad time, but we’ll keep the show going for you guys.

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  1. Anonymous

    Tad Quill’s multi-camera ABC pilot was titled “The New Twenty” but is subject to change, is about two forty-somethings heart surgeon Dean Cumberland with wife Tess who become new parents and Dean’s best friend building contractor Seth Sullivan and wife Amy who are new empty-nesters (their youngest child is off to college). (His wife, as previously reported, does not leave him.) Hope that info helps.

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