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In its tracks

The week continues and the peeps over at THR just noticed that NBC did not air an ad for their upcoming drama, Kings, their first new drama this year.

What is even more interesting it that, despite not having the time to promote Kings (or their other mid-season shows like Parks and Recreation) during the game, they did seem to have the time to show an ad for USA Network as well as Leno’s move to primetime, which won’t happen until next fall.

The CW in the meantime has moved up Reaper‘s season premiere. The show will premiere March 3, 2 weeks before its previous premiere date.
Reaper is also swapping time with 90210.

On the pilot front, CBS has picked up 3 new pilots.

The first is a drama named House Rules and written by Michael Seitzman.
The show centers on a Washington freshman class as they begin their careers as congressmen and congresswomen.
This is Seitzman’s second pilot pick after last week’s Empire State by ABC.

Thirtysomething‘s creators Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick have also a new drama, A Marriage, a show that is supposed to dissect a working marriage.

The third one is a comedy pilot from King of Queens‘ creators Kathy Yuspa and Josh Goldsmith. The sitcom is called The Fish Tank and will be about a teenager having his parents’ house for himself five days a week.

Now a little follow-up on previous pilot pickups.

NBC’s Trauma has now got itself a director in the name of FNL/Caprica‘s Jeff Reiner.

Chez FOX, the same can be said about Human Target which will be shot by Dali‘s Simon West, whilst the still-untitled reincarnation project will be directed by House‘s Deren Sarafian.

Also, forget about that Lost in the ’80s drama, it’s not going forward.

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  1. Sam

    Watch Reaper and tape American Idol. That way, Reaper gets the numbers, and you get to fast forward through all the AI crap.

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