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We’ve had our fair share of strange events throughout 2008 but next year is gonna open with some crazier choices.

Case in point: NBC announced the other day its January schedule, as in only January, not mid-season schedule.

Life, Chuck and Heroes won’t be back in January.
They will probably premiere around mid-February for a continuous run without repeats similar to Lost’s.

Kings is still unanounced.

Without much surprise, My Own Worst Enemy, Lipstick Jungle and Crusoe won’t be back at all.

Wondering what’s replacing those shows?
Two words: Howdie & Dancing.
Meaning a hidden-camera show hosted by Howdie Mandel and another, again, dancing competition.

Oh and there’s the usual L&O repeats.

FNL’s season 3 is on Fridays but chances are if you’re a fan, you’ve already seen it.

SNL will try to re-create the Election magic but with sports, bringing Saturday Night Live Sports Extra to NBC’s Sundays.
They’ll also try to revive Saturday Night Live Film Festival.
Is SNL Fashion Edition next?
God I hope not.

Meanwhile, Crap Rider will be back in Jan., still showing on Wednesdays.

Prepare to be bored to death in January on NBC.

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