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Lorne, what have you done?

This post was long overdue…

Unsurprisingly, Megan Fox has today been officially announced as the Sept 26 host for Saturday Night Live‘s 35th season.

And after last week’s news, I’m wondering:
Seriously, what the hell is Lorne Michaels thinking?

A year ago, he was actively looking for more “diverse cast members” (read: someone who can do a decent Obama impersonation without blackface).
After auditioning dozens of incredible actors, it turns out he’s not hiring any of them and is sticking with Fred Armisen.
No offense to the latter, but I just don’t find his Fauxbama that good (same for Maya Rudolph’s Michelle I’m afraid).

That said, let me get Lorne Michaels’ thinking straight:
Everyone (including the President himself) is telling you to hire someone being able to do a good Obama impersonation, so you audition great comedians, and then you don’t hire any of them?

What. The. Fuck.

And now, he’s adding two new female cast peeps.
Okay, that’s a good thing.

But then he subsequently fires two other female cast members (Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson)?!

What. The. Fuck.

I saw last year Watkins at the Groundlings, she was fantastic.
Though I’m not a big fan of the whole Today show skit, her other impersonations/characters on SNL are great.
Fortunately for her, she doesn’t seem über-pissed about the firing (and there may be a show for her down the line).

Now as for Casey Wilson, that’s a whole other thing.
According to E!’s Ted Casablanca, Wilson was asked to loose 30 pounds during the hiatus (and was fired because she didn’t).

What. The. Fuck.

SNL has now officially become a boring, safe, formula show, without anything new or groundbreaking about it.
I wish Watkins and Wilson the best of luck with all their future endeavours.
At least they won’t be limited to 5-second background roles anymore.

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