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Pilot (mini) reviews

I am not too good with reviews as I usually don’t have much to say (unless I have much to say) so here are mini reviews of a few of this fall’s (or next year’s) pilots.

Pilots I have seen
Fringe – Surprising “twist” ending although first hour quite plain. I’m waiting to see “what’s next”.
Leverage – Ridiculously cool pilot.

Pilots I have read
Dollhouse – Very Whedony dialogue, ergo, it’s awesome.
Captain Cook’s Extraordinary Atlas – I wasn’t too interested in the concept but I must admit that Thomas Wheeler pulled it off. Pretty good pilot (given the subject) for me.
The United States of Tara – Interesting subject and pilot that pushes us in the lives of this family. I’m anxious to find out how Toni Collette can pull the physical performances for each “character”.

If I’m not too lazy I’ll soon go read Men of a Certain Age, The Unusuals, Good Behavior and Warehouse 13 (Jaaaaanneeee!).

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  1. Would it be possible for you to e-mail me the pilot scripts you read (at least, “Dollhouse”)?

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