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Looking to start your TV writing journey?

Pilot script week?

Since it’s almost Christmas (give or take 5 months and a half) and also since I received such an (un)large number of request, whether it to be in the comment section or on my e-mail (yes I have an e-mail, look at your right), as well as because I’m just too cool for school (after all, I’m on vacation right now), I have decided that I would post right here right now for a week (or until I’m shutdown) all the pilot scripts I talked about yesterday.
Yes I’m that cool, and suicidal.

If you intend to share or else those scripts please link back to this site and e-mail me any complaints.
Comments are always appreciated.

Captain Cook’s Extraordinary Atlas
Good Behavior
Men of a Certain Age
The United States of Tara
The Unusuals
Warehouse 13

I am now going into hiding.

EDIT: New “Box” links added. Because Box is great.
EDIT2: Pilot script week is over! Thanks everyone! Enjoy the blog.

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  1. thetwoworlds

    Thanks so much! I read Dollhouse, Atlas, and The Unusuals and really enjoyed them. I’d already seen Fringe and I liked the pilot a lot too.

    Is there anyway you could post scripts for 90210, Kings, or My Own Worst Enemy?

  2. Thanks for giving us The Week of the Pilot Script, by the way. Late thanks, I know, but it’s still a thanks. :)

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