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Crème de la crème

A few new stuff announced in the last couple of days.

First up, some HBO stuff.
The cable net has renewed The United States of Tara for a second season.

Continuing on pilot season, Boardwalk Empire keeps on casting peeps, with the addition of Aleksa Palladino, Brotherhood‘s Paul Sparks, Pride and Glory‘s Shea Whigham and Anthony Laciura.
David Simon’s new HBO drama, Treme, has also another casting announcement, with Rob Brown joining the cast (in addition to The Wire‘s Clarke Peters).

Let’s not forget our usual “adaptations”, with this time ABC offering us the remake of a recent ITV show named No Heroics about the “normal lives” of lame superheroes. The pilot was co-wrote by Desperate Housewives‘ Jeff Greenstein and the original creator of the show, Drew Pearce.

Over at NBC, we have Community, written by The Sarah Silverman Program‘s Dan Harmon, about a loser joining community college just for kicks.

FX has also its fair share of greenlighting, with two new pilots.

First, Lights Out, centered around a former heavyweight boxing champion with pugilistic dementia (a disorder slowly leading to complete memory loss) struggling to support his family, including his wife, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. The boxer is also forced to become a debt enforcer.
The pilot was co-written by The Bucket List‘s Justin Zackham and Phillip Noyce and the show described as more family-centered à la Sopranos than The Shield.
And, no, it’s not gonna be re-named The Boxer.

There’s also another pilot in town, a yet-unamed show based on Elmore Leonard’s Fire in the Hole and adapted to screen by Raines/Boomtown‘s creator, Graham Yost, about Raylan Givens’ life as a Kentucky U.S. Marshal with his ex-wife, dying father, and cases. The pilot will be shot by Sons of Anarchy/The Beast‘s Michael Dinner.

And last but far from least, two new major cast announcements regarding some FOX pilots:
Fringe‘s Mark Valley will be playing the male lead in Human Target.
Crossing Jordan‘s Kathryn Hahn will play Eddie in the Absolutely Fabulous remake next to Kristen Johnston’s Patsy.

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