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I almost forgot to talk about the other Flash Forward casting announcements.
Sonya Walger (Pennneeeehhhh!) has been cast as Olivia (the female lead), whilst Christine Woods is joining the show as FBI’s Janis.

In case you haven’t heard already, Hugh Jackman is going to host the Oscars.
Could be an interesting night.
It will surely be more entertaining than the Emmys though.

And what’s up with THR mistaking Kristen Stewart’s name for Kristen Bell’s?
I was afraid the latter starred in Twilight 2!

Meanwhile, as many of you know, the ’08 Black List came out Wednesday.
I’m glad to see that a couple of my choices as SOTW came out in the list.
Brian K. Vaughan’s Roundtable (SOTW1) is in there and Kyle Killen’s The Beaver (SOTW5) is even Number One!
Disapointed though that there weren’t any more of those scripts up there.
Next time voters, I hope you’ll go read the awesomest blog of all and select all the SOTW!

Oh, and what about a TV spec-pilot Black List?
We should definitely make that happen.
Who’s with me?

Tune in tomorrow for a special SOTW Black List Edition.

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