Spec v. Pilot: What You Should Be Writing Next (PT04)

Spec v. Pilot: What You Should Be Writing Next (PT04)

Alex and Nick discuss the differences and implications between writing a television spec episode and a television spec pilot. Which script should you choose to write as your next sample? Whether it’s your first teleplay, you want to apply to the fellowships, or you’re trying to build a portfolio to get representation, the Paper Team has got you covered.



1 – Defining what “spec script” and “spec pilot” mean (00:28)
2 – The goals of writing a TV spec script or a spec pilot (02:33)
3 – Why and how spec scripts and pilots are read (10:13)
4 – Deciding what your next writing sample should be (17:13)
Takeaways and Resources (29:40)


What is the difference between a “spec script” and a “spec pilot”?
Star Trek: Terran
Stargate SG-1 – “The Other Guys”


Writing the TV Drama Series – Pamela Douglas
The TV Writer’s Workbook – Ellen Sandler

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