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The Guessing Game 2009 – Pilots

Wow, just as I’m about to post my list of Pilots that I think are gonna get picked up, NBC announces 6 shows that are getting picked up.

Anyway, the Guessing Game still continues with this time the list of Pilots that will get picked up (says me, and I’m always right wrong).

In the interest of full disclosure I have kept here untouched what I thought the NBC pick-ups were gonna look like.

Here goes everything:


The Karenskys
What: A woman reunites with her eccentric family.
When: Mondays.
Why: You need your annual comedy that is gonna get canned ASAP.

Accidentally on Purpose
What: A San Fran movie critic becomes pregnant of a much younger man with whom she had a fling.
When: Wednesdays.
Why: Jenna Elfman.


Three Rivers
What: A medical procedural about organ donation told through the points of views of the doctors, the donors, and the recipients.
When: Sundays.
Why: It’s a procedural, and we’re talking about CBS here.

What: A man reported missing for eight years after 9/11 comes back home to his family.
When: Sundays.
Why: Cry Out Loud Sundays.

Washington Field
What: Experts travelling around the world to protect the U.S. national interest.
When: Thursdays.
Why: Come on, “Experts travelling around the world to protect the U.S. national interest.”

NCIS Spin-Off
What: NCIS 2.0
When: Coupled with NCIS (Tuesdays).
Why: It’s an NCIS spin-off.


100 Questions for Charlotte Payne
What: The story of Charlotte Payne, a young woman in the New York dating scene with her friends.
When: Thursdays.
Why: It might be good? (LOL)

What: …College.
When: With 100 Questions.
Why: Joe and Anthony Russo from Arrested Development. And Chevy Chase (fresh off his Chuck stint).

What: A mother uproots her kids to return to her hometown.
When: Fridays.
Why: Great cast.


Day One
What: Jericho meets Survivors, in Van Nuys.
When: Mondays, eventually coupled with Heroes.
Why: Post-apocalyptic show and seems like a good replacement for Heroes in the long run.

Legally Mad
What: A partner at his Chicago law-firm working with his daughter.
When: Mid-Season and Sundays at 9PM.
Why: It’s a David E. Kelley procedural.

Lost & Found
What: John and Jane Does at the LAPD.
When: Wednesdays, in replacement of Law & Order?
Why: Dick Wolf.

What: An emergency medical procedural taking place “out in the field”.
When: Sundays?
Why: Sounds to me like the perfect E.R replacement.


Cougar Town
What: Courtney Cox at 40 and on the prowl.
When: Scrubs‘ timeslot.
Why: ABC seemed to love Scrubs so much that it literally bought it back to life. Why not another Bill Lawrence project?

No Heroics
What: The daily lives of fail super-heroes.
When: Mondays.
Why: Because it’s so original that it’s actually inspired by a U.K. show of the same name (and content).

The Bridget Show
What: A self-help guru that can’t follow her own advice.
When: Wednesdays.
Why: Barry Sonnenfeld, Lauren Graham and Jeffrey Tambor.

The New Twenty
What: Two friends, one who just had a baby, the other whom’s wife just left him.
When: Mid-Season.
Why: Eric McCormack and Tad Quill.


Flash Forward
What: Take a look at all those posts.
When: Wednesdays at 10PM and then coupled with Lost.
Why: ABC has been talking about the show for months, and are promoting it like it has already been picked up. Also, it’s replacing Lost.

Empire State
What: Romeo & Juliet set in modern days.
When: Until it gets canned.
Why: Too much of a great cast to let it slip away.

See Kate Run
What: Jack & Bobby meets Commander in Chief.
When: Wednesdays at 8PM.
Why: Hilary Clinton will be so proud.

What: TV adaptation of the 1987 movie.
When: Mid-Season 2010.
Why: Witches in primetime, why not?

What: Remake of the 80s mini-series.
When: Wednesdays at 8PM.
Why: Because they’re pushing it already.

Happy Town
What: Twin Peaks 2.0, from the guy that made the U.S. version of Life on Mars.
When: Wednesdays at 9PM (until Lost).
Why: Because I want to see Amy Acker back on TV sooner than later.


What: U.S. adaptation of the cult British show.
When: Sundays.
Why: They want to try to emulate the iconic British success.

What: A retired football player returns to his hometown.
When: Sundays (hey, it’s FOX).
Why: Mitch Hurwitz meets CCH Pounder.


Human Target
What: Based on the DC Comic, a bodyguard that impersonates his clients.
When: With Dollhouse if it gets renewed, if not, with 24.
Why: Why would FOX not take a chance on an “edgy” SF-action drama?

Maggie Hill
What: A schizophrenic heart surgeon.
When: Thursdays.
Why: Alfre Woodard & Brian Grazer.

All done.
Once the Upfronts are done I’ll check back on both posts to count the points!

Until then, as usual, Wait & See…

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